A website dedicated to cycling in and around Henderson, Nevada.


I understand that:

This is not an organized bicycle club. There are no route slips, ride leaders or ride sweepers. Every rider is an equal and nothing is expected from any participant. Rides “start” at the point where a rider starts pedaling wherever and whenever that may be.

Posted rides may reference a “sync” location and time however this is only meant to give riders a rough indication of where and when to be in order to sync up with the group as well as provide a rough distance and duration of the route. As a general rule, assume that if you show up one minute after the sync time, you will probably have to make up that minute by pedaling really fast to join the group (aka a “pursuit drill”).

It is recommended that every rider be properly prepared for every ride by bringing appropriate amounts of supplies such as but not limited to: tools, tubes (which do not leak), CO2/pump, food/nutrition, water, identification, cash, etc. On rare occasions the group can break into different paced sub-groups during a ride but the main guideline is that no rider should ride or change a flat alone but this cannot be guaranteed.

The pace of any given ride depends largely on who shows up however the average speed is rarely under 17mph no matter the terrain. The focus of rides vary from socializing, interval training, pacelining, and are almost always physically challenging.

Finally, all are welcome!